Marco Glaviano was born in Palermo, Sicily in 1942. He studied architecture at the University of Palermo and during the time he developed  his interest in photography. He was simultaneously playing in a jazz group and involved in theater as a set designer. In 1967 he made the decision to pursue photography as a career and moved briefly to Rome, then to Milan, establishing a studio  where he lived and worked for eight years. His photographs began appearing in major European fashion magazines which eventually brought him to New York City, where he established residence in 1975.

Marco has continued to photograph fashion and beauty for the leading American and European magazines and through these mediums has achieved status in the fashion industry as one of the top photographers in the world. Having photographed more than 500 covers worldwide, his work has appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and many other publications internationally. In addition, he was chosen by Cindy Crawford to photograph all four of her famous Supermodel Swimsuit calendars. In 1995 he founded and designed Pier 59 Studios in New York, which is still today recognized as the most important photo studio in the world. In 2001 he developed with partner Tommy Wirz, MilanoStudioDigital in Milan, which is a showcase for the new digital photo frontier. 

He has published to date six books composed of his own personal photographs of the most famous models of the last decades and one dedicated to his native city of Palermo. Never to be restricted by just one form of media, Marco has also photographed many major advertising campaigns all while pursuing interests in film and video. In the last ten years these interests have led him to direct a number of TV commercials and short version films for America and Europe.



Flaccovio gallery, Palermo, 1948 (Drawings)
Italian Cultural Institute, New York, 1988
Sorokko Gallery, New York, 1993
Sorokko Gallery, Los Angeles, 1994
Sorokko Gallery, San Francisco, 1995
Sorokko Gallery, New York, 1999
Palazzo Dei Priori, Perugia, Italy, 2000
City of Palermo Gallery, Palermo, 2006
Nhow Gallery, Milano, 2007
Quisisana Gallery, Capri, 2008
Quisisana Gallery, Capri, 2009
De Baderau Gallry, St.Barth, 2009
Fashion Museum of Milan, Milano, 2011
Sorokko Gallery, Moscow, 2011
Nest Gallery, Miami, 2011
The Little Black Gallery, London, 2012
Space SBH Gallery, St.Barth, 2012
Keszler Gallery, New York, 2012
Keszler Gallery, Southampton, 2012


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